Paradigm Design Announces New Office In Traverse City

by Courtney Lutz

Architects Engineers Traverse City

TRAVERSE CITY, MI, July 3rd, 2017 – Paradigm Design, a Michigan-based national Architectural and Engineering firm, will open a new location in Traverse City on July 10th. This office, Paradigm’s second, will continue to serve Northern Michigan as well as the firm’s national client base. Additionally, it will expand the firm’s qualified talent pool by leveraging the desirability of the Traverse City area. Paradigm also has an office in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The new office is located at 333 East State Street, in an existiArchitect Engineer MEP Civil Engineer Firm Traverse City, MI Engineeringng office space across the street from one of Paradigm’s current area projects, Traverse City Lofts. The firm is also designing the new location for Life Story Funeral home, which expects to break ground in mid-July.

Dave Hendershott, P.E., will serve as the Traverse City location’s Office Manager. “Traverse City is such an interesting place,” Hendershott says. “An office here is a logical step for us because of our existing clients in Northern Michigan, and our desire to expand and build new relationships. Personally, I’m excited to enjoy the community’s amazing natural resources, cultural heritage, and local entertainment. The area has so many wonderful things to offer.”

About Paradigm Design:

Paradigm Design is a national Architectural & Engineering firm with offices in Grand Rapids and Traverse City, Michigan.  During their nearly 50 years in operation, they have made a name for themselves as a go-to full-service firm in various commercial and governmental markets. They are active members of their own communities, as well as licensed to practice in nearly all 50 states. Made up of architects as well as civil and MEP engineers all working together under one roof, they are truly able to develop the spaces that build communities.

For more information, please call 231.346.3030