The Reserve of Coopersville

Client Objective:

The Reserve of Coopersville was intended to be a vibrant living community for those who prefer the natural surroundings of rural living, while not sacrificing the perks of city life. The client objective included constructing as many single family and multi-family units as possible while maintaining the essence of country living. Additional goals included incorporating the existing wetlands in a way that benefited and enhanced the community.

PDI Solution:

In an effort to meet the client objective of creating a rural oasis on the fringe of the city, the Paradigm team created a community pond which provided the necessary dirt to construct daylight lots by elevating the road, while at the same time enhancing the natural atmosphere as a community focal point. A bike path was also designed to incorporate the surrounding wetlands and mitigation areas as an additional outdoor recreational feature.

Client VB Development, LLC
Location NW corner of 48th Avenue and Campus Drive, Coopersville, MI
Site Size 61.1 acres