GQTI Hamilton 16 IMAX

Client Objective:

Goodrich Quality Theaters of Grand Rapids, Michigan, wanted to construct a state of the art theater that would anchor the exterior mall/shopping center, which incorporates shops and restaurants within walking distance of the theater.

PDI Solution:

Paradigm Design created a space in which patrons enter through the lobby, a vaulted 2-story space with an exposed structure that is open to a mezzanine lounge.  The catwalk and studio lights in the lobby are reminiscent of a performance theater.  The theater is 100% stadium seating for optimum viewing angles, utilizing 12″, 18″, and 21″ risers.  The IMAX studio incorporates a lobby under the studio to accommodate the large crowds that attend the showings.  Within the IMAX lobby is a “star field” and soft lounge chairs where patrons can relax prior to going to an IMAX experience show. A bar addition was built into the space that reflects the growing change/culture of the theater industry.

Client Goodrich Quality Theatres
Location Noblesville, Indiana
Building Square Footage 70,295 SF