Millennium Park

Client Objective

Reclamation of over 1,500 acres of industrial land and former sand, gravel and gypsum mining operations to publicly owned green space and recreational facilities near the center of the most urbanized area in Kent County.  The park would incorporate land in the cities of Grand Rapids, Walker, Grandville, and Wyoming, and will extend for three miles along the Grand River.  Once completed, the park would be nearly two and a half times larger than New York’s Central Park, making it one of the nation’s largest urban parks.

The client looked to establish an architectural style for the new park structures, in both form and materials, which would carry throughout the $7.5 million initial phase of development for the new park and future phases.  The architectural style needed to correspond with the proposed site layout for the park and its hardscape and softscape designs.

Development needed to include a beach house design that segregates the bather functions from the foodservice operation and provides a controlled gateway to the park’s six-acre sand beach waterfront and splash pad. 

Additionally, the client needed designs for an open picnic shelter structure and restroom facilities.

Client Kent County Parks Department
Location 1415 Maynard Avenue, SW, Walker, Michigan
Building Square Footage just under 10,000 sq feet