Rogue River Trail

Client Objective:

The City of Rockford is home to the rolling waters of the Rogue River, which winds its way through the city at a slow and steady pace, making it ideal for a variety of outdoor water recreational sports and fishing. The City of Rockford desired to increase public accessibility to the River as well as connect the multiple parks situated along its shores.

PDI Solution:

In an effort to meet the City’s needs for easier public access to the river, The Rogue River Trail was designed with a barrier-free concept, offering scenic views of wooded areas, natural wetlands, wildlife and downtown Rockford. Optimal fishing platforms, observation decks, park benches, and picnic tables were also constructed to optimize recreation along the river.  Construction of the trail was executed with low impact efforts in an effort to preserve and protect its natural surroundings.

Phase two of the project was recognized nationally by the American Public Works Association as Project of the Year in the “Structures Less Than 5 Million” category.

Client City of Rockford
Location Rockford, Michigan
Building Square Footage 3,825 sq feet
Site Size 4.5 acres