ThermoFisher Scientific

Client Objective:

Thermofisher Scientific’s new location in Western Michigan University’s Business Technology Research Park was in need of an integrated solution to help support research, production and quality control, warehousing, customer technical support, corporate accounting, administrative, and executive functions. Along with other facility updates, Paradigm Design was tasked with creating an isolated environment for the proper handling of hazardous chemicals used in research and production.

PD Solution:

The Paradigm Design Civil Engineering Team took on this logistically complicated project with the creativity and skill necessary to integrate a large industrial site on an environmentally sensitive campus setting. A combination of metal and glass was used to reflect a technological image throughout the park, while the complex multi-function owner program was addressed using a combination of fire compartments and active fire suppression and ventilation systems tailored to specific requirements.

Client ThermoFisher Scientific, A.J. Venekalsen
Location Western Michigan University Business Technology Research Park