Ebb & Flow Coffee Co.

Buckeye, Arizona

Client | Ebb & Flow Coffee Co.


After a successful first location, Ebb & Flow Coffee Co. wanted to expand to open a second location in Buckeye, Arizona. This space would expand the brand and also establish a look that could be implemented on future projects. This second location was planned for a brand new building with one other tenant space. Ebb & Flow also desired a drive-through and covered patio for this location.


The Paradigm Team designed the Ebb & Flow Coffee Co. building based on the client brand. We utilized a palette of materials with a modern new look consisting of wood plank, metal siding, stucco with canvas awnings. The finishes comprised of durable materials and an aesthetic that could be replicated for future expansion.

The complete project included a ground-up building, with two tenant spaces, one for Ebb & Flow Coffee Co. and one for a future tenant. Other than exterior, Paradigm designed the kitchen and dining room for E&F by providing kitchen equipment layout and proposed equipment specifications.