Working Together to Obtain the Best Services for the Job

We believe in the importance of visual impressions. Whether one has an office space, an entertainment venue, or a religious institution, visual representation is the first impression when entering an organization or establishment. This most important first impression is what will establish that solid foundation or possibly undermine it.


With over 40 years of experience, we are experts in conceptualizing and designing spaces that align with our client’s vision and exceed their expectations.  From feasibility studies and bid evaluations to contractor selection and project management, we walk through each phase of the process with you to make sure that, together, we create a space you can be proud of.


•  Feasibility Studies
•  Architectural Programming
•  Master Planning
•  Construction Cost Estimating
•  Code Compliance Evaluation
•  ADA Assessment
•  Building/Site Audit


•  Architectural Design
•  Budgeting and Cost Analysis
•  Construction Documents
•  Construction Specifications
•  Interior Design/Graphic Design
•  Bid Evaluation
•  Contractor Selection

Construction Administration

•  Project Management
•  Construction Contract Administration
•  Construction Management
•  Record Drawings

Additional Services

•  Value Engineering
•  Site Selection Analysis
•  Furniture Procurement
•  Digital 3-D Imaging & Animation
•  Move/Scheduling Coordination
•  Virtual Reality


Our award winning engineering staff has worked on hundreds of projects across the country. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to developing an effective design plan, we start with a detailed analysis of each client’s specific needs and unique environment to ensure that expectations are met within time and budget restraints. Our wide range of services provide solutions as unique as the clients we serve.

Site Evaluation & Planning

•  Site Feasibility Analysis
•  Preliminary Site Recon Audits and AHJ Meetings
•  Project Approvals & Permitting Timelines
•  Conceptual Site Plans & Cost Estimates
•  Project Development Reports

Site Engineering

•  Site Plan/Entitlement Approval Documents
•  Construction Drawings & Specifications
•  Permit Drawings
•  Public Meeting Presentations
•  Governmental Jurisdiction Coordination
•   Site Lighting
•  Landscaping & Irrigation Plans

Permit Administration

•  Management & Administration
•  Package Assembly & Submittals
•  Approval Monitoring
•  Expediting

Construction Administration

•  Bidding & Construction Management
•  Contract Administration
•  Construction Inspections
•  Record Drawings
•  Construction Compliance Certification

Mechanical, Electric, and Plumbing

Our mechanical, plumbing and electrical engineers provide the expertise and guidance you need to select the right solutions for your project. Whether building a new or upgrading an existing facility, Paradigm Design’s engineers deliver affordable and effective solutions. From wind to geothermal, heat recovery and LED’s, we evaluate both up-front and long-term costs while helping you understand each system’s impact on maintenance, operations and energy-efficiency.

Heating, Ventilation & A/C

•  Central Air Handling Systems
•  4-Pipe Fan Coil Systems
•  Water Source Heat Pump Systems
•  Radiant Floor Heating
•  Smoke Ejection and Control Systems
•  Temperature Control Systems
•  Energy Recovery
•  Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Manufacturing Process & Utility Design

•  Particulate Collection Systems
•  Make-Up Air Systems
•  Process Piping Systems
•  Humidification / Dehumidification Systems
•  Cogeneration Systems
•  Central Chiller and Boiler Plants
•  Ice Storage Systems

Engineering Studies

•  Facility Assessment & Energy Audits
•  HVAC System Assessments
•  Noise Abatement Analysis
•  Indoor Air Quality Analysis
•  Utility and Energy Studies

Test & Balance

•  HVAC Air Systems
•  HVAC Hydronic Systems
•  Control Systems Verification