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Client | Gordon Food Service


The existing GFS building is over 20 years old and has not been updated since originally constructed. Gordon Food Service wanted to increase revenue and profitability by renovating to update appearance as well as adding services & offerings to customers. The objective is to increase number of visits and overall customer base.


The exterior design includes replacing the construction surrounding the entrance and adding sun shades along with new signage and painting the building with modern colors. The interior received a fresh coat of paint with modern colors, revise the location of existing merchandise shelving, add fresh fruit department, popcorn room, rotisserie chicken kitchen, express pickup area for customers to order online, and a new deli kiosk with greater offerings. To support these offerings, the walk-in freezer was enlarged for back stock storage and protocols upgraded. The result is this location has seen additional traffic such that they have outgrown the existing parking lot and are now looking to expand the parking lot.