key plastics

grand rapids, michigan

Client | A.J. Veneklasen


Key Plastics is a growing plastic injection molding company whose objective was to create a collaborative work space that brought together the front office and creative teams to more effectively express the unity within their company and products. In an effort to respond to customer product delivery schedules more quickly and efficiently, Key Plastics required an industrial space that could seamlessly accommodate new machines and product lines, as well as position them well for future expansions.


To meet the needs of both the client and their customers, Paradigm Design created a space that optimizes both functionality and customer service. Naturally lit, open work spaces greet guests as they walk through the main entrance. The building’s exterior and entryway were designed to reflect the modern aesthetic of Key Plastic’s products, while oversize utility tunnels allow for efficient product flow on the work floor. Equipment mezzanines were also designed to be disassembled and relocated as the building expands in order to meet future production needs.