Round 1 Arrowhead Town Center

Glendale, Arizona

Client | Round 1 Entertainment


Round 1 Entertainment aimed to transform the previous retail space into an attractive and enjoyable entertainment destination that not only aligns with their brand but also seeks cost efficiency. The objective was to create an environment that reinforces the Round 1 brand identity while introducing new design elements to enhance the overall experience for visitors.


Paradigm Design addressed the challenges posed by the existing space effectively. The team collaborated with the architectural, engineering, and MEP partners, including SCH Engineer and Rhoades Engineering, to strategically layout the space considering the existing plumbing facilities and column grid. This meticulous planning allowed for the integration of various amenities without compromising the functionality of play areas, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for visitors.

In response to the client’s objective, Paradigm’s design team introduced innovative materials and design elements such as dynamic tile work. The incorporation of these elements aimed to create a vibrant, clean, and dynamic atmosphere in line with the Round 1 brand. The design focused on making the space inviting and fun, enhancing the overall entertainment value for patrons.

To ensure cost efficiency, Paradigm Design worked diligently to optimize the use of available resources, repurposing elements where possible without compromising the quality of the design. This approach allowed Round 1 Entertainment to achieve their goal of creating a captivating entertainment destination while maintaining a cost-effective strategy.

The final outcome is a renovated 83,970 square foot Round 1 Arcade & SpoCha location at Arrowhead Town Center in Glendale, AZ. The lower level features a diverse range of amenities, including bowling lanes, a Redemption Arcade, snack bar, bar, party rooms, and billiards. Meanwhile, the upper level offers pay-to-enter activities such as a batting cage, trampoline, basketball courts, pickleball/volleyball/badminton courts, ping pong, billiards, kids play structure, roller rink, a mechanical bull, snack bar, and additional party rooms. The design successfully balances functionality, brand representation, and cost efficiency, making Round 1’s 54th store and 5th SpoCha location in the US a dynamic and inviting entertainment destination.