round 1

cumberland mall

atlanta, gEORGIA

Client | round 1 bowling & amusement


80,000 SF tenant buildout of an existing Sears building. Round 1 wanted to bring a new concept, developed in Japan, to the United States. They combined their standard Family Entertainment Center which includes Bowling, Redemption Arcade, Karaoke Rooms, Snack Bar/Full Bar and added a Sports Challenge (SPO-CHA) concept.  


We had to lay out the attractions to work within the existing structure heights, consideration of egress routes, adjacencies of amenities, etc. to accommodate the various activities and the heights they needed to work properly. The sports challenge concept has 3-on-3 basketball courts, volleyball, badminton, dodgeball, batting cages, mini bowling, trampolines, skating rink, Segway track, kids play structure, ping pong and billiards, as well as an additional arcade area. This was the first location for this concept in the United States, so we worked together with Round 1 and their Contractor, Twin Shores Management, to bring the concept together and make it a reality. The team worked together to find the right flooring materials to use, netting, padding, and all the actual attractions that could fit in the space. It was a large collaboration to make everything come together with multiple vendors involved for the attractions. The result was a success, and it opened in February of 2021.