Tinman Social

Little Elm, Texas

Client | Little Elm EDC & Tinman Social


This project was part of a larger development project working with the Little Elm Economic Development Committee (EDC) and the tenant Tinman Social. They wanted to bring an entertainment venue to Little Elm that would create a synergy with the rest of the development and fit well into the town and offer residents of Little Elm and surrounding areas a great place to Eat, Drink and Play in a welcoming environment with a variety of amenities.


Turfway Entertainment Management provided a list of amenities that would be part of this project based on their market research and expertise in the industry. Paradigm’s designers worked to come up with a footprint for the building that would properly fit the odd shaped site and accommodate all of the various amenities that we wanted to incorporate. The building needed to have a presence on the street as well as within the development. The designers coordinated with the EDC and town members to come up with an aesthetic that fit what the town was looking for, as well as working with the contractor, Twin Shores Management, to establish the budget and make sure the design was going to work within the budget.

Paradigm and Twin Shores worked together throughout the design process to make sure the project met the desires of the client and came in within the established budget. Building in the current environment had its challenges with availability of various materials and equipment. We were able to continue to work as a team and overcome those obstacles by finding alternate options whenever possible to attempt to keep the project on schedule. Tinman Social and the Little Elm EDC were great to work with throughout the entire process and all of the parties involved made it a great project to work on and Create Success for all parties.